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Years in the Making

I started Neptune Webworks way back in 2004 in response to requests from others for help with their small business and non-profit websites. Since then I’ve worked on dozens of interesting sites and with lots of great people, as a web software developer and marketing consultant.

I'm passionate about developing user-centric systems that enable businesses and organizations to effect positive change in the world.

If you'd like to discuss your project, business or idea, get in touch!

My Services

  • Web Programming
  • User Experience Design
  • SMB Ecommerce
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Managed Web Hosting


From idea to lorem ipsum to order management

  • CE Learning Systems

    This is actually a basic company site, but since 99% of my work is for CELS, I list it first. Built on Laravel.

  • CE-credit.com

    A leading provider of Continuing Education (CE) credit courses for mental health professionals in the United States. A sprawling, entirely custom application with purpose-built components.

  • Supervision Assist

    A CE Learning Systems project. Supervision Assist provides a unique blend of record-keeping, educational material, helpful resources and accountability for mental health professional interns, supervisors and administrators. Built on Laravel.

  • Stellaria Building

    A newly-built building in Downtown Eugene, offering office and retail space. I designed the theme, implemented the Halogy CMS and integrated a room scheduler, phpScheduleIt.

  • Hummingbird Wholesale

    The Pacific Northwest's premier organic foods wholesaler. We built a wholesale commerce system on CodeIgniter, with backend management features unique to their market, to meet the company's rapidly growing needs.

  • Bee Rub

    Premium natural bodycare products. Retail commerce system and CMS built on CodeIgniter, customized to accomodate clients' needs exactly.

  • Raffletrain

    A developing raffle system for the perennial non-profit organization fundraiser. Built on Laravel.



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